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The current version of PBG is v0.1. An earlier version of PBG had support for HDR images. Because the usage of libILM is difficult when using Windows, libILM support has been dropped altogether. Thus no HDR .exr files in PBG at the moment.

PBG using Q3MAP2

The image-link above is slightly misleading, the current version of PBG does not support Quake 3 .map output. The Wavefront-OBJ export capabilities should be sufficient to export to Blender for instance. Exporting to blender allows the user to use pretty shading.

PBG has been tested in Ubuntu AMD64 14.04 and on Windows 7 x64. You need the right version of Python 2.7 for things to work. My understaning is that the version number of Python must be 2.7 and the processor architecture must match. The downloadable package below contains a 32 bit Windows version and a 64 bit Ubuntu AMD64 14.04 version.

PBG v0.1

For people who just want to peek at some code, a doxygen manual was generated from python_building_generator_0_1: Doxygen PBG v0.1