Disparity Maker v 2.0

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Disparity Maker v 2.0 is the successor of Stereoscopic v 1.3. There are a few notable differences:

The following properies apply to Disparity Maker and not to Stereoscopic:

  • Is command line based
  • Works in a hierarchical manner
  • Allows for sub-pixel matching
  • Allows for cross-check

You can download the Windows version of Disparity Maker v 2.0 here: [1]. Or you can download the Windows and Linux version here: [2].

The reason why there are two downloads has to do with the Google search-engine ignoring the page otherwise.

When you make a 3D photograph, there are minute differences between the left and right image. When considering a single image, it is already possible to extract some depth information. The latter is based on blurriness of the image. However, when we have two images i.e. a stereo pair, it is possible to extract detailed depth information. Ideally, both images show some local horizontal difference, which can be recognized and translated into depth information. Instead of translating into depth, the disparity is measured, i.e. the horizontal offset measured in number of pixels. Sadly, next to horizontal difference, vertical deformations occur due to spherical deformations in the lens. Disparity Maker v 2.0, is capable of recognizing both. However, the vertical deformations are always discarded because they add nothing to the depth perception.

If you are not planning on waiting too long, you can resize the image before processing it. Using the "--halfsize a" command. Where a represents the number of re-sizing operations. However, because the system uses hierarchical matching, your waiting time should be compensated by that. If you specify a non-zero, positive value for "a", the number of matching pixels also goes down. The dimensions of the image get divided by 2^a. The matching variables should also decrease in a similar manner.