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Python Building Generator v 0.1

Op 2014-06-05 05:08:23 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

Dear Visitor,

Today, I uploaded
The latter is a tool with which one can generate buildings.

The sha1sum of the above is:


The tool should work with Windows and with Ubuntu Linux AMD64 14.04.

Windows users may need to install "Python xy". As for Linux users, they will discover dependencies as they go along.

There is an option to export Wavefront-OBJ.
A Wavefront-OBJ viewer is included.
The linux viewer requires GLFW2.
GLFW3.dll is included in the Windows version.

I hope that you are able to enjoy yourself with PBG v 0.1. If you have questions, just send me an email.



ps. a demo:

Disparity Maker v 2.0

Op 2014-06-05 05:04:41 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

Dear Visitor,

Today, I have uploaded disparity_maker_2_0.tar.gz.

It contains both a Windows and a Ubuntu 14.04 binary.

The sha1 checksum of the file is:


The program is a command-line based tool that is supposed to be the successor of Stereoscopic 1.3.



I got a Parallella board for my birthday

Op 2014-05-05 01:29:51 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

I happened to have reached the age of 30 last week. Because my brother co-funded the Parallella project on Kickstarter, he got two Parallella development boards. He gave one of these boards to me as a present.

In the days ahead, I hope to get some additional hardware to make the Parallella function as a fully featured personal computer.

I bought a 3D camera

Op 2014-03-31 12:44:15 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

Last Wednesday I went to the shop to get me a pair of lenses. These lenses happen to be part of a 3D camera. No more googleing for 3D pictures. I can make my own. I should not forget to mention that the quality is astonishing.

The camera has a 12.5 mega pixel resolution.
I take pictures with the default resolution of 6 megapixel, and re-size it to 1.5 megapixel resolution, before it gets fed into the Stereoscopic Depth Analyzer.

Anyway, I'm glad with the thing I have recently purchased.

A result derived with Stereoscopic v 1.3

Op 2012-08-15 05:30:40 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

A demonstration of Stereoscopic v 1.3

Op 2012-08-15 01:37:00 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

There is also a windows version:

Stereoscopic Depth Analyzer

Stereoscopic v 1.3 released

Op 2012-08-14 12:28:29 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

You can download Stereoscopic v 1.3 here or in projects/Depth extractor.

It is a Win32 installer. De Linux AMD64 version will come soon.

Example of what you can do with stereoscopic

Op 2012-08-12 02:55:59 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

I did some image processing with Stereoscopic on this 3D photo I found on 3D Proch (taken by user Rayoliteuk).

Link to webpage

The result is a 3D model of the image:

The photo was taken with the camera that is mentioned below.

Buying a 3D camera

Op 2012-08-11 02:26:43 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

Yesterday, I was thinking about buying a 3D camera. This way I could actually make photographs and test stereoscopic on them.

The model I have an eye on is pricy (429 euros).

It will be fun though because then I should be able to convert 3D photo's into approximate 3D scenes.

Maybe I will add a 3D scene viewer/ model-exporter to Stereoscoptic 1.3 (or to a later version). (I already have one, i just have to integrate it.)

The camera I am willing to buy.

Accidentally deleted Stereoscopic GUI v 1.3

Op 2012-08-09 08:00:11 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

Today I accidentally deleted the GUI of Stereoscopic v 1.3.

It worked fine under Linux, but I want to build a Win32 version. I did however have a backup, but it will be a day of work to get the GUI back to its most recent state.

Some features of Stereoscopic v 1.3 are:

* Multi-core processing
* Quality of match / Parabolic output convolution (Experimental)
* Pre-filter
* Horizontal linear interpolation (Experimental)

The second bullet may raise some questions, and I am not going to explain that (for now).
The third bullet says that first the images are pre-processed before performing the main processing stage.

For this, I have used a rank filter.

I got the idea from this paper, which I have partially read:


[4]H. Hirschmüller and D. Scharstein.
of cost functions for stereo matching

In IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and
Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2007),
Minneapolis, MN, June 2007.

A previous post on this webpage says that the quality of stereoscopic isn't that good. There will be an improvement of quality in v 1.3.

You might want to get a peek at the projects/Depth Extractor section. The featured test data has been re-tested with stereoscopic 1.3.

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